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Boy’s Hostel

Established in the year 1995, Sri Ramakunjeshwara Boys’ Hostel has a successful history of 15 years. The hostel is running under “No PROFIT, NO LOSS” Principle as wished by Sri Swamiji. The hostel mainly focuses on encouraging the economically and academically backward students and they are given special attention and coaching. As a result of this, even second attempt passers in S.S.L.C have passed the II PUC with high marks, and have got admission to medical and engineering courses. No doubt, we have been able to achieve above 96% results in II PUC every year.


  • Good Accommodation
  • Clean and Healthy food
  • 24 hours water supply
  • Generator facility
  • Reading room facility
  • Special tuitions
  • A full-sized playground
  • A Calm and peaceful ambience, away from the noise of the city

Hostel- store to supply stationery and all other requirements of the students.

Rules and Regulations of the Hostel :

  1. The applications, seeking admission to the hostel, must be submitted to the secretary of the hostel.
  2. The application forms can be obtained from the hostel Office.
  3. Only the students of the English Medium High School and the P.U. College, are eligible to join the hostel.
  4. Those, who have obtained admission using fake certificates, will lose their eligibility to stay in the hostel.
  5. The students must seek re-admission every year, submitting new applications.
  6. Hostel fee must be paid before 15th every month.
  7. Payments can be made through cheques or D.Ds
  8. Fees received, at the time of admission, will not be reimbursed to the parents/ guardians for any reason.
  9. The students are not permitted to keep any cash or valuables with them.
  10. Only vegetarian food is served in the hostel. Non-Vegetarian food is strictly prohibitted inside the hostel.
  11. Parents and guardians should not give any food or eatables to the students, when they come to meet the students.
  12. The students are not allowed to keep any relationship with the people other than the hostel employees and their teachers.
  13. The students have a full responsibility to repair or replace the things that they have damaged or destroyed.
  14. Students payments must be settled before the commencement of the annual examination and the students must vacate the hostel within a day after the completion of the examinations.
  15. Giving or refusing admission to the hostel, is fully left to the discretion of the hostel authorities.
  16. Maintenance of the discipline and cleanliness in the hostel becomes the essential duty of every student.
  17. The hostel authorities have the full right to correct or reformulate the above rules or to introduce new ones, whenever it is necessary.